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競速遊戲 終極收藏合集 Racing 8 The Ultimate PC Collection

競速遊戲 終極收藏合集 Racing 8 The Ultimate PC Collection
競速遊戲 終極收藏合集 Racing 8 The Ultimate PC Collection 英文合輯版(Racing)

Phoenix Games推出的競速類遊戲收集套裝,包含末日賽手(Doomsday Racers)、高卡車
拉力賽(Go Kart Rally)、瘋狂摩托車賽(Moto X Maniac)、專業騎士2(Pro Biker 2)、
遙控玩具車(RC Toy Machines)、渦輪大卡車(Turbo Trucks)、野蠻貨車(White Van
Racer)、極限四驅摩托(Xtreme Quads)等8款不同風格的經典賽車遊戲。

Doomsday Racers
Doomsday Racer is an aggressive, no-holds-barred race game, with the
emphasis on ruthless and aggressive racing. It combines high-speed racing
action with daring manoeuvres and devious tactics.

Set in dramatic and treacherous post-apocalyptic environments, the race has
only one rule - get to the finishing line alive before anyone else and you
are the winner. Smash your opponents from the track, race ahead with the
help of strategically placed boost pads, or stick to good old fashioned
driving skills - just do whatever it takes to survive Doomsday.

Go Kart Rally
Battle your way to the top of the rankings and become the champion of the
Go-Karting circuits! Go Kart Rally puts you in the driving seat against
some fiendishly competitive opponents on circuit after circuit of
neck-and-neck, bumper-to-bumper, fast and furious karting.

Choose from a formidable line-up of karts and battle it out in Tournament
mode, get that all-important practice in Quick Race mode or go all out for
the killer records in the Time Trials.

Moto X Maniac
Rev up the engine, burn some rubber, kick up the dirt and show the other
bikers the back of your leathers in a cloud of your exhaust fumes!

Keep a hold of your bike and control of your senses as you push yourself
to the limit in the practice laps, put your skills to the test in the time
trials, and take on the very best in the tournaments to become the champion
Moto X Maniac!

Smoke, dust & skid-marks a-plenty in this ultimate two-wheel tussle for

Pro Biker 2
Out-peddle, outwit & outrun the best in a contest of twists, jumps, skid
marks and dust.

Develop your skills in the Quick Races, get your name up there among the
fastest in the Time Trials, and take on the very best to win the coveted
trophies in the Tournaments to become the champion Pro Biker!

RC Toy Machines
Put your Radio Control Car driving skills to the ultimate test!

Race through makeshift tracks, set up in the real world. Featuring 4 unique
environments across 8 insane tracks. Select one of 6 car types and get
racing through those checkpoints ahead of the rest of the field, and Nitro
your way to victory!

Turbo Trucks
Turbo Trucks is an aggressive, no-holds-barred race to the finish line
featuring a line up of some seriously mean vehicles.

Set across winding woodland courses and remote desert canyons, you get to
choose from a selection of gorgeous trucks and take on opponents in
successive races to earn coveted trophies in the tournaments, or hone your
driving skills in the quick races and time trials. Win the tournaments to
gain access to more courses and trucks!

Ram, smash and spin your opponents off the track while perfecting your
racing line to gain the upper hand. Anything goes!

White Van Racer
Now it's your turn to be the infamous White Van Man instead of just being
an innocent road user on the receiving end of their crazy driving! White
Van Racer puts you in the driving seat for some seriously madcap racing,
road-hogging, pushing and shoving through rolling countryside, country
lanes and mountain roads.

From ice-cream and burger vans to plumbers and window cleaners, choose your
vehicle and take on some truly insane opponents in the Tournaments, Time
Trials and quick races. Progress through the tournaments to unlock more
tracks and vans, and ultimately become the most feared and revered White
Van driver of them all!

XTreme Quads
Start your engines! XTreme Quads features wild quad bike racing over even
wilder terrain.

Only the best bikers will be able to rise up from the Amateur races until
they are challenging for the Pro title.

As you progress through XTreme Quads you'll gain access to new courses,
extra stages and wicked new quad bikes.

So, hold on tight, there are miles and miles of unrelenting track to cover
before you can be crowned the champion, and the only guarantee is that the
ride is going to be eXTreme!
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